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Check Out This Puzzle Platformer From Limbo And Inside Designer

Cocoon, a new indie game from Jeppe Carlsen, the Lead Gameplay Designer of Limbo and Inside, is just around the corner.

Cocoon is a captivating puzzle game that revolves around orbs with different unique worlds. The player's mission is to navigate these orbs, jumping in and out of them while carrying them on their backs, to solve tangled puzzles.

If you think that it might be too intricate and complex, don't worry – each world within the orbs guides players toward a clear objective: solving the puzzle and getting the orb to progress. As the game unfolds, players find themselves immersed in an enigmatic cosmic tale, encountering surreal environments like floors resembling biomechanical stingrays or paths resembling fern-covered spinal cords.

Image credit: Geometric Interactive, Cocoon

In this new game, which will be available starting September 29, you will have a chance to take on the role of a winged insect, emerging from a chrysalis and finding yourself in a mysterious desert realm. As you embark on your journey, you quickly realize that progress is tied to a unique mechanic – carrying an orange orb on your back. This orb serves as a key, granting you the power to manipulate the biomechanics of the world around you.

It becomes evident that the character is inseparable from the orb. Their symbiotic relationship is essential, as the world itself appears to lie dormant without both of them working in harmony. Prepare to be captivated as you explore the mystical desert land, mastering the art of using the orb to unlock the secrets of the biomechanical realm.

Image credit: Geometric Interactive, Cocoon

Speaking of reviews, Cocoon has received a lot of praise from reviewers for its originality and intriguing, yet intuitive puzzles. Journalists have applauded the seamless transitions between puzzles, ensuring that players rarely find themselves stuck in the game.

The art style of Cocoon has also been highly acclaimed, with reviewers commending its visually stunning graphics and impressive animations. The biomechanical world of Cocoon continually surprises players, offering unexpected elements and surprises on each level. However, some journalists did mention that the bosses in the game were relatively simple, which they considered a minor drawback.

"...a world-hopping puzzle adventure with ideas, rules, and mechanics so slickly implemented it's spellbinding," stated GamesRadar+.

"...a breathtaking puzzle-platformer that borders on psychedelic," reviewed IGN.

"Cocoon is an exceptional puzzle game that stands right alongside some of the greats in the genre," wrote Game Rant.

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