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Check Out This Sci-Fi Cooking Indie Game Set in Futuristic Antarctica

I'd like two eggs, please.

Artic Eggs is a sci-fi cooking indie game, developed by The Water Museum, which was released today. The game is set in futuristic Antarctica where you need to take on the role of a Poultry Peddler who's stuck in the cold land, cooking and selling illegal sunny-side-up eggs, and can't wait to get out of this place. Does it sound fun enough to download and play the game?

Image credit: The Water Museum, Aric Eggs

The game is all about cooking the orders customers ask you to make. Players need to use mouse movements to control the frying pan, flipping the eggs based on the customer's order using spatulas and other utensils. Cooking in the futuristic setting involves stir-frying tobacco alongside the eggs. Sometimes, players cook only fish, sausages, or tobacco upon request. Cooking eggs seems to be a satisfying challenge, and you'd better adjust your mouse sensitivity if you want to succeed in this deal.

Image credit: The Water Museum, Aric Eggs

Image credit: The Water Museum, Aric Eggs

You can get the game on itch.io where the developer released it for free with an option for players to donate to support the team behind Artic Eggs.

As the creators stated on their website, the current version of the game may have some issues worth mentioning. For example, flipping the eggs too high in the tutorial section could cause an endless spawn of new eggs, preventing the cooking process from being completed. Also, playing the game in non-fullscreen mode may result in low mouse sensitivity, making it difficult to play.

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