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Copy or Homage? Icons from The First Descendant Similar to Destiny 2

"They really just ripped off Destiny."

Recent reports suggest that The First Descendant, a newly launched third-person looter shooter game developed and published by Nexon, appears to have icons and weapon designs that closely resemble those in Destiny 2.
This similarity was first observed by Forbes' Paul Tassi, who made a comparison list of icons from both games, a list he continues to update. It's worth noting that the extent of the similarity could be broader, as only a fraction of the game assets have been compared so far. 

Opinions vary on the degree of similarity, with some dismissing it as mere "homage" to Destiny 2, while others view it as blatant copying. Several players have commented on the striking resemblance, with one stating, "these are UNCOMFORTABLY close", and another asserting, "Weapon designs and stuff too. They really just ripped off Destiny."

According to PC Gamer, Destiny 2 and The First Descendant both appear to make use of free-to-use icons sourced from a site called Iconduck. This could potentially explain the similarity, though it doesn't completely absolve the controversy.

The First Descendant

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