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Creating Volumetric Clouds, Modular Weather, and Cloud Shadows in Unity

Today we've compiled a list of the assets for recreating photo-realistic clouds and adjusting the weather with the highest rating on the Unity Asset Store.

It's a complete weather, water, day/night cycle, volumetric cloud/fog/light, terrain overlay, and sky system for Unity. The toolset also includes lightning and ambient sound. The developer mentions that the asset adapts to the Unity quality level to ensure maximum FPS. Weather Maker contains an easy-to-use floating-point origin offset solution, and an industry-standard, BSD licensed physically-based sky and volumetric atmospheric scattering solution. The atmospheric scattering and sky sphere blend seamlessly with your scene, producing a lovely planet curve at the far plane. 

Weather effects include rain, snow, hail, and sleet. All the effects fade cleanly both visual and audio to ensure a life-like and smooth experience. The fog in the asset is a full-screen effect that has been tuned to run on the lowest-end devices. Volumetric light is supported for point, spot, area, and directional lights. The main directional light (sun) has also a volumetric shadow option. The pack has sound effects that you can use for your environment, and even create sound zones throughout your scene.

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UniStorm is another highly-rated solution for AAA dynamic skies, weather, cloud shadows, and procedural volumetric clouds. It comes with 31 weather types: Auroras, Blowing Leaves, Blowing Snow, Blowing Grass, Lightning Bugs, Clear, Mostly Clear, Partly Cloudy, Mostly Cloudy, Cloudy, Overcast, Foggy, Drizzle, Light Rain, Rain, Heavy Rain, Hail, Thunderstorm, Light Snow, Snow, Heavy Snow, Thunder Snow, Fire Rain, Firestorm, Dust Storm, and more.

UniStorm 4.0 adds a wholly redesigned cloud system capable of creating AAA procedural, self-shadowing, PBR, and volumetric clouds at a great frame rate and only using just one draw call. 

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Sky Master is a dynamic sky, weather, volumetric cloud, dynamic GI, and ocean solution for Unity. The system includes industry-level optimized volumetric clouds, volumetric lighting, an ocean system, GI proxy and optimized SEGI for real-time global illumination, and a physically-based sky rendering system with atmospheric scattering. The Sky Manager provides automatic or on-demand day/night cycle and smooth weather transitions. The skybox mode offers complete integration with Unity and all its features (IBL, GI, Skybox).

The developers have also added the advanced particle effects: global/local turbulence and attractors, tornadoes, volumetric fog/smoke, volcanic eruption and lava flow, rain, and chain lightning. 

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Enviro supports a realistic day-night cycle with proper sun and moon positions with full location support (latitude and longitude). It also includes an advanced fast atmospheric skybox shader to get great-looking skies with realistic stars with twinkling, optional milky way, moon with phases and an aurora effect. The toolset also includes a powerfull weather system and supports all kinds of Unity particle effects.

It has 11 premade weather types including Clear Sky, Cloudy, Raining, Storm, Snow, and Foggy weather. You can enable lightning storms and choose different ambient and weather sounds for each weather with smooth transitions.

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