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Demand for PlayStation 5 Was "Unprecedented" in 2021

In the latest business briefing, Sony revealed that its gaming hardware saw record earnings in 2021 saying that demand for PS5 was "unprecedented".

During the recent Sony investor presentation, the company talked about its current performance in different segments and shared its plans for the future.

As a part of the presentation, Sony revealed that its gaming hardware saw record earnings in the fiscal year 2021 with PlayStation 5 delivering the highest net sales of about $21.6 billion.

The company called the demand for PS5 "unprecedented" noting that consumers' interest in the console was higher than it was when PS4 was launched. The year after PS5 was out 55% of people were interested in purchasing it, while in the year after PS4's launch only 28% expressed interest in it.

Apart from this, Sony claims that in November 2021, three major US retailers sold 80,000 PS5 units in 82 minutes. In comparison, the PS4 sold the same amount of units in nine days in November 2014.

Speaking of PS5 supply issues, the company noted that it will continue to deal with them, saying that solving those issues is its "top priority".

Sony also boasted that PlayStation continues to be the strongest gaming brand. Since last year, the company has managed to rise from fifth to seventh place on the list of the most popular global brands. The company shared that it is going to further develop its brand, expanding and mastering other markets including PC, mobile, cloud, and the metaverse. 

Sony expects that by 2025, almost a third of its first-party games will be released on PC, while the number of PS4 releases will gradually decrease, and by 2025 the company is set to stop launching new titles on PS4 at all. The company also intends to increase the number of live service games – by March 2023, it plans to release three such titles, and by 2025 this number will increase to 12.

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