Epic Games Introduces Unreal Editor for Fortnite

Fortnite gets Unreal tools to build new experiences. 

Epic Games announced that content creators will now have tools from Unreal Engine 5 to build new experiences in Fortnite. Epic Games released the beta version of Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) to everyone.

The UEFN will have assets from Fortnite but also support custom assets and later Megascans assets, so you can go hardcore or use available assets to build new games. What is more, the new editor lets you team up with friends and test new locations in real time. Epic Games noted that the editor will also get access to Fab, their new library for creators. 

The team developed a new programming language called Verse to design gameplay. Creators can also use Niagara to create visual effects, Control Rig and Sequencer to animate their custom characters, and more. 

Users will be able to:

  • Create custom content with Modeling and Material tools.
  • Import meshes, textures, animations, and audio.
  • Use Niagara to create VFX effects.
  • Animate with Control Rig and Sequencer.
  • Design gameplay with Verse.
  • Build Landscapes to create the environment.
  • Create larger experiences with World Partition.
  • Use Fab (Alpha) to discover and import assets.
  • Use Live Edit to collaborate in real-time with others.

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