Epic Games Reportedly Falls Victim to a Ransomware Attack

The gang claims to have over 189 GB of information, while the company finds "zero evidence these claims are legitimate".

Image credit: DANIEL CONSTANTE/Shutterstock.com

Based on numerous reports, Epic Games, the developer behind the popular Fortnight title, might have become the next victim of a cyber attack by a ransomware group.

Mogilevich, the gang that reportedly is responsible for the attack, claims to have over 189 GB of information, including "email, passwords, full name, payment information, source code, and many other data", and it's unknown whether this pertains to Epic Games employees, customers, or both.

As for Epic Games, the company stated to Eurogamer that it has found "zero evidence" that these attacks are legitimate.

"[Ransomware group] Mogilievich has not contacted Epic or provided any proof of the veracity of these allegations. When we saw these allegations, which were a screenshot of a darkweb webpage in a Tweet from a third party, we began investigating within minutes and reached out to Mogilevich for proof. Mogilevich has not responded. The closest thing we have seen to a response is this Tweet, where they allegedly ask for $15k and 'proof of funds' to hand over the purported data," stated the company.

The hackers set a deadline – March 4, and they are yet to publish some evidence that the attack is real at all.

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