Explore Yourself in This New Tabletop RPG Set in Alternate America

The Electric State Roleplaying Game features art by Simon Stålenhag and a story by Nils Hintze (Tales From the Loop RPG).

If you've run out of tabletop games to play with your friends, take a look at The Electric State Roleplaying Game – a new RPG based on the Electric State art book by visual artist and author Simon Stålenhag. It is set in an alternate version of America in 1997, where society is falling apart and huge robot drones are scattered across the countryside.

Image credit: Simon Stålenhag

"Following the discovery of neuronics in the late 1960s, technology diverged from our own world. It is now the year 1997 and the world is on the verge of apocalypse.

The USA, ravaged by a second Civil War, has split into new federations. In Pacifica, formerly California, the everpresent Sentre corporation pushes the neuronic technology to the population via cheap headsets. If life was somehow almost normal before it isn’t anymore.

Sentre’s Mode 6 upgrade of its nationwide system was the start of the fall. Civilization crumbles as something strange spreads through the neuronic net. People fail to turn up for the jobs, basic services cease to function and the government is rapidly losing control.

The Electric State is coming."

Image credit: Simon Stålenhag

You and your friends take on the roles of travelers who explore this world but most importantly – yourself. It's about your journey, the choices you make, and conflicts between groups and individuals when the world collapses around you.

The RPG features art by Stålenhag and is written by Nils Hintze (Tales From the Loop RPG, Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying) in collaboration with the Free League core team. The rules are based on Year Zero Engine, used in games such as the Alien RPG, the Blade Runner RPG, the Tales From the Loop RPG, and The Walking Dead Universe RPG.

Image credit: Simon Stålenhag

The Kickstarter campaign for the game is offering an art print for early backers. If you support the game, you'll get a PDF of the game before it's released. The developers promise dozens of sessions in one book.

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