FlippedNormals: Comprehensive ZBrush Workflow

The FlippedNormals team has published several step-by-step tutorials that cover workflow in ZBrush for beginners and PROs. 

In this game art tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to model high-end characters for games. The mentor will show you how to do efficient face topology using Topogun, and guide you through all the steps, explaining how to make ready for AAA games topology. The course is mentored by Gavin Goulden, a Lead Character Artist at Insomniac Games and one of the most veteran game artists out there today. He worked as a lead artist on Bioshock Infinite. ArtStation page.

Software used: ZBrush 4R8, TopoGun 2.0, 3ds Max 2016, Marmoset Toolbag.

Files Included: Final ZBrush Project File, Low Poly Final Model, Generic Base Mesh, Marmoset Project.

'Making clothing and costumes is always incredibly tricky to get right, but after watching this series, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable starting your own costumes. Learn how to use Insert Mesh Brushes in ZBrush to speed up making zippers and buttons. At the end of the series, you’ll learn how to present your work in a professional manner, using Marmoset Toolbag.', adds the FlippedNormals Team.

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In this 10 hour course, you will learn how to create Skull Kid with Majora’s Mask from the franchise The Legend of Zelda. There’s full commentary for every chapter, giving you insight into how a professional ZBrush character artist works. You’ll learn all the necessary techniques to translate a 2D concept into 3D.

Tools Used: ZBrush 2021, Blender, 3D-Coat, Mudbox.

The instructor of this course is Morten Jaeger, Co-Founder of FlippedNormals, who has been sculpting and working with 3D for over 15 years. During his career in VFX, he’s done a variety of character work on Hollywood blockbusters such as Pacific Rim: Uprising, Avengers: Infinity War & Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2.

The mentor notes that you should be comfortable with ZBrush before attempting to follow along as this course is aimed towards intermediate artists. 

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In the Concept Sculpting for Film and Games course, you’ll learn how to go from a rough base mesh to a refined concept sculpt, which can be used in the film and games industries. The course is taught by Henning Sanden and Morten Jaeger who have long resumes of films under their belts. They have worked on some of the most hero creatures and characters out in the last few years.

The mentors add that techniques shown have been properly production tested and refined over many years.

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'One of the key aspects of concept sculpting is really getting clean and solid shapes down early. We’ll spend a lot of time making sure our shapes are working well before moving on to finer details. Once you understand this process, everything you do will flow so much better.', comment the mentors of the course.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to sculpt a realistic female face in ZBrush. You’ll see the entire process, from start to finish. The goal is to teach you a methodical and well-tested approach to making female realistic faces.

The course includes: Video files in mp4 format, ZBrush Project Files – with a timeline

Software used: ZBrush 2018.

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The course is also mentored by game industry PROs, Henning Sanden and Morten Jaeger. In this tutorial series, they will share their secrets to sculpting good faces, and provide lots of useful advice.

'Sculpting a realistic female face is very different from sculpting men, as it all relies on being extremely subtle with all your strokes and moves. Throughout this tutorial series, we’ll be covering just how important subtlety is, and how to achieve it. In order to truly understand the fundamentals, we are starting off from a sphere instead of a base mesh. This makes it’s a lot more challenging, and you’ll get a better understanding of how to truly sculpt a human head, instead of simply moving proportions of a base mesh around.', add the mentors of the course.

Fundamental Anatomy for Sculptors is a course designed to teach anatomy to anyone who works or aims to work with organic sculpture. In this course, you will look at the limitations of blindly copying work out of anatomy reference books, and focus on a system to allow you to approach anatomy study in a way that has an immediate impact on the work, whether you're sculpting men, women, animals, or creatures, with a reference or without.

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The course is prepared and mentored by Christian Bull. He has over 10 years of experience teaching anatomy to professional figurative sculptors and creature artists around the world and strives to help artists of any level to make their anatomy study more efficient. He has worked on countless Hollywood blockbusters doing everything from hands-on modeling to being a VFX Supervisor. Christian will teach you a holistic approach to studying anatomy which you can use no matter what you’re sculpting. He will then demo the techniques by blocking in and sculpting a human arm and torso. On the torso, Christian will show you how to change the basic male physique to muscular, skinny, fat, and female, to demonstrate how the figure changes.

Tools used: ZBrush 2021.

The course contains 16 HD Videos, Scene Files.

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