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Footage of Volition's Unreleased Batman Stealth Game Revealed

We also get to know about Hideo Kojima's weird ideas for MGS.

Did you know that Volition, the studio behind Saints Row, once worked on a Batman game for PlayStation 2? According to the footage revealed by the YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming, it was supposed to be focused on stealth, and the developers spent over $300,000 on it. Unfortunately, THQ didn't greenlight the production.

Apparently, there was a playable demo, but it couldn't be salvaged before Embracer shut down Volition.

DidYouKnowGaming says that the game looked a lot like Metal Gear Solid, just in the Batman universe. Speaking of MGS, the channel revealed some questionable ideas proposed by Hideo Kojima. According to his diary, most of which hasn't been translated until now, he wanted Raiden to wear a cardboard box after he loses his clothes in one of the scenes.


"Just like in the last game, I'll place a cardboard box next to Raiden when he's naked. Veteran players will grab it and expect to get their equipment back. Then Raiden will [disappear] into the shadows of the torture room, but when he comes back out, he's still completely naked but has the cardboard box around his waist," he said.

Kojima apparently thought it'd be hilarious, but it was a little difficult to realize from a technical standpoint, so the idea never saw the light of day.

If you thought that was bizarre, wait until you hear about this next one. In the final game, Raiden swims underwater with Emma, and Kojima wanted blood seeping out of the girl's crotch. After the characters resurfaced, Raiden was supposed to ask where she was hurt, but she would avoid the question. Later, when Emma's stabbed, "Raiden's audibly concerned with how much blood she's losing, then she'd look up and say:  "I'm fine... it's just my... period..." then let out her final breath." Yes, Kojima wanted that to be her final words. Thankfully, his team hated the idea, and it was put to rest.


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