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Forgotten Toys Fight Back in This Unique Tower Defense Game

This indie game turns your nostalgic playtime into a strategic battlefield where old and new toys wage war. 

When you were getting new toys from your parents during the golden days of childhood, have you ever thought about how upset your old and forgotten toys must have felt? Now, thanks to Bluespy Studios' upcoming game, they're ready to capture your attention once more by starting a big battle.

Toy Shire is a unique tower defense game that immerses you in the nostalgic world of childhood toys at war. The game tells a sentimental story about your favorite toys from your childhood, turning various locations throughout your home into different battlefields. 

Image Credit: Bluespy Studios, Toy Shire

You step into the shoes of a child whose new green army men toys are locked in an intense battle against old, forgotten toys like robots to dinosaurs, all eager to reclaim their dominance. You are tasked with overcoming the outdated toys scattered around and building and upgrading towers based on the enemies' traits.

Image Credit: Bluespy Studios, Toy Shire

The game introduces new units and towers as though a child is physically placing them onto the battlefield. This approach shifts your camera viewpoint directly into the center of the action, offering a unique gaming experience as seen through the child's eyes.

Image Credit: Bluespy Studios, Toy Shire

The recently released demo features three levels, each equipped with various types of towers and RTS-style troops. Strategic thinking is a must in this game, as simply building towers is not enough to fend off the attackers. You are encouraged to strategically position your troops for assaults into enemy lines and utilize unique abilities to bolster your troops and towers.

Image Credit: Bluespy Studios, Toy Shire

This highly-anticipated and award-winning game is planned to be released in the second quarter of this year. You can add it to your wishlist on Steam and follow the developer on Twitter

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