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Fortnite War: Android 12 Will Have More Options to Install App Stores

Google revealed that the next version of Android will make it easier to install and use third-party app stores.

Google revealed they plan to make it easier to install and use third-party app stores with the launch of Android 12 next year. The team reiterated its current Payments Policy for in-app purchases of digital goods: Android developers who want to sell apps and games on Google Play must use Google’s billing system. To support developers during the coronavirus pandemic, Google decided to offer a 1-year grace period for developers who aren’t complying with this policy, and the deadline is set for September 30, 2021.

The news can be certainly tied to Epic’s war with Apple and Google concerning the 30% cut the two giant take of every purchase on their stores. Previously, on August 13, Epic made Fortnite for Android and iOS use its own billing service, and then Apple and Google deleted Fortnite from their app stores. Epic then decided to sue both companies.

Apple has been acting quite aggressively, while Google kept silent until this moment. "Android has always allowed people to get apps from multiple app stores. In fact, most Android devices ship with at least two app stores preinstalled, and consumers are able to install additional app stores, wrote the Android team. "Each store is able to decide its own business model and consumer features. This openness means that even if a developer and Google do not agree on business terms the developer can still distribute on the Android platform. This is why Fortnite, for example, is available directly from Epic’s store or from other app stores including Samsung’s Galaxy App store."

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