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Freshly Released Post-Apocalyptic Multiplayer Survival Game Offers Unique Wipe Mechanic

Once Human has just opened its doors.

Server wipes usually lead to player dissatisfaction, but the post-apocalyptic multiplayer open-world survival game Once Human made them its unique feature. In a recent blog post, the developer Starry Studio shared how the Eternaland mechanic should bring you joy instead of anger.

Every season will have a specific duration and storyline theme and end with a wipe. Well, I say wipe, but you should think of it as a new beginning "allowing you to rectify any regrets from the previous season or embark on a brand-new gaming journey." Your progress, including weapon blueprints, territorial homes, and "memories of fighting alongside friends," will be transferred to Eternaland, "a personal world of your own, allowing for limitless imagination and creativity." This is supposed to lower the barrier for friends with different game progress to play together.

Starry Studio

"Each season is divided into different phases, with new content and challenges, and subsequent new season scenarios may begin in completely different map areas with entirely different main storylines. At the end of the season, you can choose to replay the same scenario or sign up for a new scenario to start the journey of the next season, with resources and items obtained being inherited."

Starry Studio

This is a new and potentially beneficial way of dealing with your rank disappointment. However, it didn't seem to help Once Human's case: the game gained Mixed reviews on Steam on launch day, peaking at 82,092 concurrent players. 

Players complain about broken mechanics, the empty world, and most of all – the game's privacy policy. It apparently collects personal information, including your government ID, address, IP address, credit card details, social media data, and more, which is easy to miss if you don't read the agreement, but then again, some players point out that it's pretty standard in the modern world.

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