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Gabe Newell on Using Brain-Computer Interfaces in Gaming

Valve wants to change the way we play games.

Open BCI's Galea BCI headset design

Valve leader Gabe Newell has recently shared details on how Valve explores the idea of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) for gaming and beyond. In an interview with New Zealand’s 1 News, Newell said that having a brain interface directly with a computer might be sci-fi but developers should not ignore the idea.

Newell added Valve is currently working with OpenBCI headsets to generate open-source software allowing developers to understand the signals coming from people’s brains. The software would help developers understand whether a player is enjoying a game or a specific moment. It would also, for example, change difficulty if a player was getting bored.

The idea is bigger than that though. Newell thinks that the ability to experience existing games is limited, and connecting games to brains directly would provide more possibilities. "The real world will seem flat, colorless, blurry compared to the experiences you’ll be able to create in people’s brains," Newell said.

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