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Gaea 1.3.2 Released

The update brings new rock tools, object-to-heightfield capture, and supersampled screenshots.

QuadSpinner announced the release of Gaea 1.3.2 – a new version of the terrain design tool for VFX, games, and virtual experiences. The creator listened to the feedback and included some of the most-requested features, like new rock tools, object import, and supersampled screenshots.


RockNoise generates a field of rocks with size variations and controllable density. You can apply the rocks on any surface using the Embed and Insert modes in the Combine node. It can also be mixed with Rocky and Outcrops nodes for even broader rock output.


The new heightfield capture tool takes an OBJ file and converts it into a terrain you can use in Gaea.

Here is how to work with it:

  • In Gaea's main menu, select Import > Obj2Heightfield.
  • Select an OBJ file to load.
  • Alt + MouseL to rotate the view. W/E/R to Move/Rotate/Scale the mesh.
  • You can see the capture preview in the bottom right. Use the Preview toggle to see a heightfield approximation in the viewport.
  • Click Capture to save the heightfield. Repeat to save more captures.
  • When finished, click Return to Gaea. Gaea will then let you import the capture.

Screenshots Upgrades

A new dedicated Screenshot button in the Status Bar can take an "auto screenshot" of the viewport. You can also choose to save a screenshot to a specific location and filename or take a picture of the graph instead of the viewport.

There is also a Supersampling option that allows you to change your screenshots resolution up to four times. Supersampling occurs in real time on the GPU and "provides maximum fidelity to show off your terrains."

The Community version of Gaea is available for free with limitations. An Indie license costs $99, a Professional one – $199, and an Enterprise license – $299.

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