Generating Sci-Fi Buildings in Houdini

Learn how you can make a sci-fi looking building in Houdini. 

In this tutorial, Technical Artist Simon Verstraete (Twitter) will show you a Houdini workflow for setting up sci-fi buildings that could be used to build cities (for the backgrounds of games and films, for example).

The artist has also shared a tool that generates sci-fi buildings on Gumroad ($9.99). You will be able to get all sorts of results in Houdini procedurally, generating hundreds of different variations. 

The pack includes:

  • .hip with the full setup
  • HDA that goes from box to detailed mesh

Please note that you need to install the Game Dev tools (find them in the shelf tools).

Simon has also shared a 2-minute version of the guide for those who need a quick overview. 

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