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Get Free High-Quality TrueHDRI Environments Shared By Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco Studios is researching TrueHDRI technology, which can faithfully reproduce real-world lighting environments in CG, and is releasing the results as a library.

Image Credits: Bandai Namco, TrueHDRI

Using and combining commonly available HDRIs can result in unreliable and inconsistent color profiles and brightness, leading to incorrect workflows, lower quality, and production efficiency. By using Bandai Namco Studios' TrueHDRI, which captures the real-world lighting environment as it is, you can build a reliable environment and use it for stable modeling, material creation, and communication when setting up post-processing.

TrueHDRI are HDRI assets that aim to capture real-world lighting environments as they are. It stores data on absolute luminance and accurately managed colors to ensure full dynamic range across a variety of light sources. TrueHDRI can be used to create a reliable look-dev environment in DCC tools and game engines.

Image Credits: Bandai Namco Studios, TrueHDRI

Image Credits: Bandai Namco Studios, TrueHDRI

Image Credits: Bandai Namco Studios, TrueHDRI

Bandai started researching this technology a while ago and finally released the first three TrueHDRI assets into the public domain. The company also plans to expand the variations of TrueHDRI and add manuals in the future.

All of these assets were made based on Tokyo environments, include a 3D panorama, and several download settings. TrueHDRIs come in .exr and .hdr file formats, a selection of color gamuts, and clipped/unclipped versions.

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