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Get This Blender Tool For Realistic Water Surface Tension Effects

Instead of simply floating, Water Rim allows for a more detailed and realistic interaction between the object and the water surface, resulting in a more believable look.

Water Rim

Developed by 3D Artist NENGHUO, Water Rim is a customizable Geometry Nodes setup that can generate tension lines and foam at the contact surface between the water and the object.

While not essential for large scenes, it's particularly useful for water-focused projects, allowing for a more detailed and realistic look than simply floating an object in water.

Water Rim

Water Rim

Water Rim

Water Rim

In addition to Water Rim, NENGHUO has made a step-by-step video tutorial on making a similar yet simpler version, so you can check it out and use as a reference:

NENGHUO is a well-known tutorial-maker and we highly recommend visiting his YouTube channel for more insightful Blender content. In his latest video, he explained how to make a cobweb generator that lets you create unique and customizable webs, complete with tiny water droplets on them, in just a single click of a button:

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