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Get This Real-Time Artistic Rendering Tool For Maya

Achieve light and shading quality that matches your offline render engines with X-Ray.

Developed by Technical Director Morteza Ahmadi aka CGElementary, X-Ray is a tool for stunning real-time rendering in Maya's Viewport 2.0, which promises to match the quality of your offline renders.

X-Ray is focused on being artistic and versatile: every light and reflection is a canvas that you can easily change, paint on, and modify to your will. No need for powerful graphic cards, X-Ray delivers superior quality and can even run on lower-end GPUs – if it can run Maya's Viewport 2.0, it can run X-Ray.

Easily share your scene with anyone, even if they don't have X-Ray, they will still see the scene with the same amazing quality as you do on your PC. With this purchase, you'll also get access to both v2 and v3:

  • X-Ray 2: Turtle, Arnold, V-Ray, and Redshift are supported for Light/Reflection and SSS rendering (engine-specific materials are supported for SSS but your objects should have Blinn material to view the result).
  • X-Ray 3: Only Arnold is supported for Light/Reflection/SSS, as well as using aiStandardSurface as the main shader for your objects, you can switch between viewport and Arnold render at any time. Redshift is also added for light baking.

In X-Ray 2, you can choose to calculate each aspect of rendering (Light/Reflection/SSS) with a different render engine and see the mixed result in real-time, so if you have a copy of Redshift, you can choose that as the core of lighting or SSS calculation and achieve a real-time quality that looks the same as your Redshift renders.

All the Light, Reflection, and SSS maps will be saved to disk, and you can use them in different game engines to not only save a lot of time but to achieve great lighting quality as well.

X-Ray comes with a perpetual license – buy it once and keep it forever. CGElementary is dedicated to providing the best Maya experience for all users, so if you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact them to discuss potential discounts.

Purchase X-Ray here and jump right in with CGElementary's informative YouTube tutorials. Don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on InstagramTwitterLinkedInTikTok, and Reddit, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more. 

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