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Grab a Reference Pack with Hard-Surface Details from Japanese Street & Industrial Environments

The pack includes 383 high-quality images.

Are you looking for references that can help you build a realistic environment? Then make sure to take a look at the pack created by Jonas Ronnegard.

This reference pack provides high-resolution, royalty-free images focusing on hard-surface details mainly found in street and industrial settings across Japan.

Featuring a total of 383 images, they were captured using a Nikon D850 full-frame camera at 45.7 MP (8256 x 5504), enabling close examination of intricate details. Also, downsized images at 50% (4128 x 2752) and 586 point-of-interest crops are included for easier previewing.

The content includes:

  • 383 high-quality jpeg images;
  • 568 cropped detail images;
  • 5 collage images (8000 x 8000);
  • Photo resolution at 45.7 MP & 50% downsized for practical use;

Reference subjects cover:

  • Vehicle details;
  • Street prop details;
  • Industrial elements;
  • Material references;

These images are useful for:

  • Reference purposes;
  • Photo bashing;
  • Textures;
  • Matte painting

The locations featured in the images are Osaka and Kobe.

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