Hideo Kojima Says He Proposed a Cross-Progression Idea a Decade Ago

The game designer shared that 10 years ago, he proposed the idea of ​​"transferring" content between platforms, but back then few people understood it.

Hideo Kojima recently took to Twitter to share his thoughts on game "transferring" technology claiming that he was the one who about ten years ago, came up with the idea for cross-progression. He noted that at the time when players had to choose whether to play a game on a console or a mobile device, he proposed a "transferring" function that would let players jump from one device to another.

"A decade ago, there were 2 choices; do you play games on a console? or carry it with you on a portable device? There were no high-spec smartphones like we have today but rather 'traditional cell phone'," he wrote. "So what I proposed was a "transferring" function that would allow users to continue playing the same title across platforms. It was not well understood, but now it is common."

While the ability to continue the game from the same moment on a different platform implies cross-progression, there is a chance that the game designer was talking about cloud technologies. In early June, Kojima confirmed that he is currently working on a new game for Xbox that he has "always wanted to make" which is based on "Microsoft's cutting edge cloud technology".

Some suggest that this game might be a recently leaked title supposedly named "Overdose". According to game insider Tom Henderson, this game will be a horror title with a protagonist played by actress Margaret Qualley who also played Mama in Death Stranding.

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  • Anonymous user

    It was called Transfarring. God, everyone on this click bait train is unprofessional as fuck. Google it. 2011. Jesus, y'all's memory is actually THAT bad? It was 11 fuckin years ago


    Anonymous user

    ·a year ago·

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