Inheritance of Digital Assets: Tencent Obtains a Patent Filed in 2019

Though similar to Apple's Digital Legacy, Tencent's patent is different as it allows to transfer digital items directly if stated in the will.

Now that people's lives are almost totally digitalized (with social media profiles, music and video streaming platforms, game accounts, etc.) the question of digital inheritance is as important as never before. What happens to all of the e-belongings when a person passes away, are they going into nowhere, being deactivated, or can they be used by someone else? 

With Apple's Digital Legacy announced just a little over a month ago, the timing for Tencent's patent surprised many users. The two types of digital inheritance will be different, however. Apple's feature allows a nominated person to access the Apple account of a person who passed away. Apple users can link people to their accounts as legacy contacts, and they will be able to access all the information (excluding payments, subscriptions, licensed media, and some other data) when a person is gone.

Though not a lot is known about Tencent's digital inheritance plan, one thing is clear: it will allow for direct transfers of e-possessions that belonged to a person.

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