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Insights and Highlights from SIGGRAPH Asia 2023

SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 concluded on December 15th at the International Convention Centre Sydney.

Image provided by the SIGGRAPH Team

The event, organized by Koelnmesse Pte Ltd and ACM SIGGRAPH marked a success in shaping the future of animation, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and related Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques technologies. With 5,690 attendees hailing from more than 40 countries and featuring 30 exhibiting brands, the conference and exhibition exemplified the industry's vibrant dynamism and rapid growth.

Featured sessions included speakers like Rob Bredow from Industrial Light & Magic, and Paul Debevec from Netflix, who offered unique perspectives, touching on themes ranging from the synergy of art and technology to the frontiers of virtual production. Forward-thinking panels delved into the latest trends in Character Animation, VFX, Digital Humans, and the future of computer animation tools.

Image from the website of SIGGRAPH 2023

The Conference also looked into how a hybrid society is emerging via extended reality by exploring how with Digital Twin, artifacts, space, and humans can be replicated in a digital form. One of the highlights was a real-time demonstration that demonstrated how digital twins, big data visualization, and extended reality can connect from Sydney to other cities via Super Speed Connectivity.

Many conversations at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 revolved around Generative AI, a topic brought up at numerous sessions. These sessions delved into the intricacies and applications of Generative AI, providing valuable insights, and expanding the understanding of this cutting-edge technology.

Fostering Future Talent and Education

The theme of Connecting Stories rang true among participants, who described how important it was to convey how their technology was being applied in an everyday sense - whether it be to help blind people navigate, or an apparatus that uses sign language. Students, Researchers, and Academics mingled with those from industry, sharing their ideas and work in progress. 

Technological Showcases and Inclusivity

Emerging technologies were showcased that are set to redefine the industry. Over 900 Technical Papers were submitted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 and juried by more than 180 experts and over 3,000 anonymous peer reviewers. 

Courses and Talk sessions, particularly those focusing on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence on the tools the industry uses, were a window into the future of the industry. New tools offer the potential to lower the barriers to entry for more artists and designers to join the computer graphics and interactive techniques sectors.

Image from the website of SIGGRAPH 2023

To Tokyo and Beyond

Hosting the event in Sydney is a reflection of the nation’s growing importance in the global computer graphics industry. The local surge in activities in both 2D and 3D animation work is evident in the increasing demand for artists and expansion of local production companies in these fields, and insofar as local companies are expanding their capabilities and adopting new technologies for series work.

The next edition is expected to take place in Tokyo in December 2024. 

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