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KeyShot 2024 Reduces Post-Processing With Sharpest Visual Output Ever

Luxion has released KeyShot 2024, a new version of its 3D rendering software, that cuts down the need for post-processing work and features upgrades for Web Viewer, an improved real-time view, and more.

KeyShot is a popular real-time ray-tracing renderer, used with various 3D software to create renderings, animations, and other visuals. It supports more 3D file formats than any other rendering software, importing over 25 different file types. KeyShot is known for its intuitive workflow, designed to empower non-professional artists to create photorealistic renders, texture mapping, and simple animation.

Last year, Luxion rolled out an update that brought changes to working with color, adding new features and libraries, that continue to be updated. This year's first KeyShot release focuses on performance and workflow updates.

Image Credits: Luxion, KeyShot

The main feature of KeyShot 2024 is the new built-in Image Sharpening style option showcased in the video above. It allows the creation of detailed and crispy images in order to save time on post-processing work. Image Sharpening lets you control Intensity, making dark edges darker and light edges look brighter, and Radius, the distance outside the sharpened edges that the effect is applied to. The result will also translate to KeyShot Web Viewer.

KeyShot Web, which is an incredibly popular add-on, featuring time-saving benefits and mostly focusing on sharing your work outside of KeyShot for collaboration and marketing, has also received an update. Web Viewer in KeyShot 2024 has become more responsive and better performing, as well as featuring the option to include 3D scenes in order to execute an upload.

Image Credits: Luxion, KeyShot Web

The developer highlights, that the GPU Mode in the new version of KeyShot now uses NVIDIA's OptiX 8, the latest version of the GPU ray tracing API. Based on internal testing, this improves performance by up to 25%, with a median improvement of around 12%.

There are a number of other minor improvements as well, such as added support for Rhino 8, several CAD versions, and various bug fixes.

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