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Legend of Zelda Producer Confirms Upcoming Releases Will Also Be Set in Open World

The Legend of Zelda series producer has confirmed that future installments in the franchise will continue to embrace the open-world concept.

The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has recently revealed that upcoming releases in the franchise will also be open-world games.

During an interview with Game Informer, Aonuma was questioned about whether the Breath of the Wild-style open world represented a novel format for The Legend of Zelda series, similar to how Ocarina of Time propelled the series into full 3D.

Aonuma acknowledged the transformative impact of Ocarina of Time on the franchise, noting that the initial shift to 3D presented certain limitations for the developers. At the same time, he emphasized that Breath of the Wild builds upon familiar mechanics and substantially enhances both fan and developer freedom.

"With Ocarina of Time, I think it's correct to say that it did kind of create a format for a number of titles in the franchise that came after it. But in some ways, that was a little bit restricting for us," he said.

"Of course, the series continued to evolve after Ocarina of Time, but I think it's also fair to say now that we've arrived at Breath of the Wild and the new type of more open play and freedom that it affords. Yeah, I think it's correct to say that it has created a new kind of format for the series to proceed from."

It's understandable why Nintendo wants to keep exploring open-world concepts, considering Tears of the Kingdom's exceptional initial sales performance. For instance, in the UK the game surpassed even the impressive launch of Breath of the Wild and became the highest boxed video game launch of the year.

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