Midnight Suns Director Criticized James Gunn's Plan for "Unified" DC Universe

"This would have been a nightmare for us on Midnight Suns," Jake Solomon says.

Jake Solomon, the game designer at Firaxis Games, the developer of Marvel's Midnight Suns, has recently commented on James Gunn and Peter Safran's plans to create the "unified" DC universe which would also include video games.

Solomon took to Twitter to discuss the potential impact of making video games part of the lore presented in films and TV series. He noted that this could pose difficulties to game developers as well as put voice actors under pressure which is why he believes that movies and games should remain separate entities in different universes.

"This would have been a nightmare for us on Midnight Suns. I understand the desire (I think) but movies and games are so, so different," Solomon wrote. "And the pressure this puts on the amazing voice actors in the games space? Different universes. And that’s how they should/will stay."

Solomon served as a co-director of Marvel's Midnight Suns, a game that draws inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe while also being an independent title with its unique narrative. This approach provided several advantages for the Midnight Suns development team, including the inclusion of popular characters like Venom and increased control over the storyline.

Earlier, another game developer, Del Walker, who previously worked at Rocksteady, the studio that created the Batman: Arkham series, challenged Gunn and Safran's concept of the "unified universe" and specifically, the decision to give the same voices to characters from movies and games. He noted that movie actors and voice actors bring different skills to the table and can't just replace each other.

What's your take on Gunn and Safran's plans? Do you agree with Jake Solomon and Del Walker?

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