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MultiVersus Comes Back but Players Don't Seem Happy with Changes

The game sees Mixed reactions.

Warner Bros. Games' cartoonish fighter MultiVersus has returned from its after-open-beta hiatus and is ready to please its fans. However, the fans don't seem too pleased.

MultiVersus puts characters from all kinds of famous franchises against each other, and this number of popular heroes looks like a recipe for success, but the game's Steam rating after its comeback is stuck on Mixed, with only 60% positive reviews. It managed to attract a lot of people (114,515 concurrent players on May 28) but this didn't help its cause much. So what went wrong?

After MultiVersus's extended beta period, the developer Player First Games decided to change some things, adding and changing attacks and trying to make it feel better, but it ultimately failed, in players' opinion; you can even find a list of what the creators did wrong according to fans.

Apparently, they are not happy with camera zooms, settings changes, and a lack of a whole bunch of features, like leaderboards, after-battle reports, offline mode, and more. Looking at this, you can understand why some players say the release "feels more like a beta than the beta" (thanks, IGN.)

Player First Games

"They’ve taken away more features than they’ve added," said one Reddit user. "The camera being zoomed and team color options removed is pretty crazy [in my opinion, on top] of a list of other really important changes like locking characters even in practice range."

MultiVersus was first launched in beta in 2022 and then closed last year so the developers could reflect on players' feedback. Well, I guess there was some miscommunication. Hopefully, the developers will hear all the cries and fix the game soon.

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