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New Action Game Mixing Metal Gear Solid with Teleportation Revealed

Black State opens doors to new realities. Literally.

Motion Blur has unveiled Black State, a third-person action-adventure game combining shooting, Metal Gear Solid-style stealth, and teleportation mechanics – all wrapped in delicious graphics thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 5.

Motion Blur

You will find enjoyment in the game's satisfying time-slowing aspect, which can decide the outcome of the encounter if used right, but I'd say the most intriguing element of Black State is portals, which kind of reminded me of P.T. (or any other horror that drops you into a new place once you open a door), this time in a different genre.

Here is what you should expect story-wise (via IGN):

"A former military legend is summoned for a mysterious mission: to rescue a captive scientist and uncover the truth behind a cataclysmic event. The mission, assigned by enigmatic Architects, is shrouded in uncertainty as some doors within the unknown territory lead to unpredictable and perilous destinations. Each door reveals new secrets and challenges, and he must navigate this treacherous landscape, discovering what awaits him behind each threshold, to complete his mission and unveil the hidden truths."

Motion Blur

Motion Blur

The Metal Gear Solid comparison is obvious here, and Motion Blur did get inspired by it along with such games as The Last of Us and Uncharted, which "push the limits of development and gameplay mechanics."

The team wants to deliver "the highest development quality" as well as "rich and deep storytelling combined with engaging gameplay mechanics." 

Motion Blur

Motion Blur

The idea of Black State originated from Motion Blur's Kadir Demirden, who has been thinking about it for over a decade, but the development started about 2.5 years ago. "During this period, extensive research and development were conducted to explore how a small team could produce a game with AAA quality."

We'll see if the team succeeds some time in the future. Meanwhile, check it out here and join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on InstagramTwitterLinkedInTikTok, and Reddit, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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