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Okami-Style Kirby's Meta Knight Recreated In Blender

3D Artist M-Cuu presented a portrait of Kirby's mysterious rival imagined in Sumi-e painting style.

This amazing 3D fan art of Nintendo's Kirby video game series enigmatic Meta-Knight done in Sumi-e painting style, reminiscent of Okami and Mojib-Ribbon characters, was created by M-Cuu, who unveiled a few other Blender works in similar art style in the past.

Take a look at this animated Sumi-e Greninja Pokémon:

M-Cuu actually studied Okami's art style and tried their hand at recreating brush techniques, modeling and animating Chibiterasu and Issun, and setting up fire effects with Geometry Nodes:

Looking to recreate this fantastic style in Blender? Try Zhihao Yao's InkTool add-on which is capable of turning 3D models into beautiful ink painting-style artworks in just a few clicks:

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