PC Players Tend to Spend More Money on Games than Console Users

That's according to a new Newzoo report which shows that the average revenue per user per PC title is $2.2 which is double that of games on consoles. 

Newzoo has released a new report covering average revenue per user (ARPU) as well as average revenue per paying user (ARPPU) per title for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

According to the data provided by the analytics firm, from January to September 2022, ARPU per PC title was $2.2. On consoles, this metric was two times lower – $1.2 on Xbox and $1.1 on PlayStation, which shows that there are much more users who do not spend money on software on consoles than on PCs.

According to the analysts, this information is also backed by the firm's survey which showed that out of all console players, 23% spent nothing on games while for PC games this share was 18%.

As for ARPPU, the highest result was on PlayStation ($21.2), followed by PC ($20.5) and Xbox ($19.2).

ARPPU per title varied significantly across different game genres. For instance, the ARPPU of adventure titles on PC was $11.8, while battle royale games on PC had the ARPPU of $27.9. On consoles, the situation was similar – ARPPU of adventure games was $13.4, and battle royales had $23.2.

These figures show that while all the top battle royale games are free-to-play, players anyway tend to spend a "reasonable" amount of money on in-game purchases.

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