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Phantom Blade Zero, a Striking Samurai Soulslike, Revealed at PlayStation Showcase

Chinese developer S-Game announced Phantom Blade Zero and revealed a stunning trailer that showcased impressive sword-based combat, a beautiful gloomy world, and an intriguing storyline.

At the recent PlayStation Showcase, unveiled Phantom Blade Zero an action-packed third-person RPG designed exclusively for the PlayStation 5 and PC.

The game is being created by S-Game and represents the first major project for the studio, which has previously primarily worked on mobile RPGs. It is set to be a fast-paced third-person sword combat title that focuses on a samurai theme and offers intense battles and exploration in a dark and rainy world.

Phantom Blade Zero serves as a reboot to the mobile game franchise bearing the same name. The developers noted that this iteration represents the game they had envisioned right from the start.

In Phantom Blade Zero, players assume the role of Soul, an elite assassin working for a secretive and formidable group called "The Order," as described by Soulframe Liang, the founder of S-Game. Soul's journey takes an unexpected turn when he is framed for the murder of The Order's patriarch and becomes the target of a manhunt to his eventual injury.

Despite facing imminent death, the protagonist's life is miraculously saved by a mysterious healer. However, his recovery is short-lived and lasts for a mere 66 days. In that time frame, he must race against time to seek out and eliminate the person who framed him.

To optimize their resources, the developers of Phantom Blade Zero have opted to design separate large locations instead of an open world. By limiting the scope of the game's environment, they aim to create a more focused and immersive experience for the player, without compromising on the game's visual quality.

The developers noted that while creating the game, they were drawing on their experience in mobile game development, which allowed them to build an intuitive combat system that does not require memorization of complex combos.

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