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Pockethost: A Cool App for Renting Game Servers

The service allows you to set up multiplayer servers for Minecraft and Terraria in less than 30 seconds.

Check out Pockethost, a recently-launched app created by Christian Orlowski, Theresa Neumann, and Marco Salas Franz that greatly simplifies the processes of setting up and managing servers for multiplayer games.

Designed to be "easier, better, and more gamer-oriented" than other similar solutions, Pockethost allows one to set up a game-ready server in less than a minute, avoiding a complicated and time-consuming process. What's more, the user will only have to pay for the time when the server is actually active, with no upkeep costs.


  • Maximum flexibility: After the free trial period, users can either operate their servers on an hourly basis with tokens or leave them running permanently under a flat-rate model. The server location can be freely chosen.
  • Quick and easy: Pockethost is available as a free app on the App Store and Google Play Store as well as a web app. All versions have the same functionality.
  • Manage together: Pockethost users can share access and administrative rights with their friends. This means that server management is no longer tied to a single person. Even in the absence of the creator, the server remains usable.
  • Nothing is lost: The tool automatically creates backups of server game progress. So no progress is lost, whether the server is running or not.
  • Configuration made easy: Pockethost provides an extensive plug-in catalog from which extensions can be installed on the respective server with just a few clicks. Alternatively, users can install their own plug-ins or choose other sources. Users may also easily upload their own game worlds to the server or make further configurations.

At the moment, Pockethost users have access to servers for Minecraft (Bedrock and Java Edition) and Terraria, with the developers planning to add more games in the near future. You can learn more and download the app by clicking this link.

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