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Portal RTX Tested Across Various Video Cards and Resolutions

With RTX enabled, framerates dropped significantly even at 1080p.

On December 8, Valve's 2007 first-person puzzle-platform Portal is getting a free DLC, Portal with RTX, developed by NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios. The DLC is set to reimagine the original game's graphics with full ray tracing and DLSS 3.

Prior to the Portal with RTX release, tech publication TechPowerUp released the DLC's review where it tested the game and provided performance evaluation across various resolutions.

According to TechPowerUp's review, the new version of the game indeed looks visually impressive – the publication particularly appreciated the game's lighting pointing out that unrealistic lighting and shadows players could notice in the original game now look "perfect and physically accurate."

However, it noted that the performance hit from ray tracing is huge. While the original Portal was able to run at around 245 FPS in any resolution on TechPowerUp's test system, when RTX was enabled, framerates dropped significantly.

For instance, without DLSS, RTX 3090 Ti was only able to get 49 FPS, RTX 4080 reached 67 FPS, and RTX 4090 got 93 FPS at 1080p. And if the resolution was dialed up, FPS dropped even more.

With DLSS enabled, video cards' performances were much better and, as TechPowerUp noted, Portal was "extremely playable." However, even with DLSS, the requirements are still high.

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