Postal Dev Says It Doesn't Mind When Players Pirate Their Games

The studio also strongly discouraged anyone from downloading Postal III, even from pirate websites, as, according to it, "that thing is absolute trash."

Running With Scissors, the studio known for its Postal series, has recently shared its position on piracy. Surprisingly, the developers expressed their unconventional perspective, stating that they don't mind if players freely download their games from pirate websites.

"We are not against pirates. Many people who support us these days have started by pirating our games before buying the games legit," the studio said on Twitter.

Running With Scissors, however, noted that indie developers do rely on financial support to be able to create new and innovative projects, highlighting the importance of financial backing in order to continue producing their games.

"Do keep in mind, indie developers like us will only be able to do new and cool stuff with financial support," the developers said. "You can pirate, but consider supporting."

The studio further suggested that if someone wants to try a game, they can initially pirate it. However, if they enjoy the game, it encouraged supporting the company by purchasing it from legitimate websites rather than opting for resellers. 

In response to this statement, many players expressed their support for the developers' position, noting that they had indeed previously downloaded pirated versions of Postal. However, they went on to explain that they had subsequently purchased one or more parts of the shooter series. 

Several Twitter users admitted to even pirating the unsuccessful Postal III, which was eventually removed from sale. In light of this, the developers responded by clarifying that they do not advise anyone to download this particular installment, not even from pirate websites.

Running With Scissors' latest release is a first-person shooter Postal 4: No Regerts. The game received a score of only 30 out of 100 on Metacritic, earning first place on the list of worst-rated games of 2022. However, it also garnered 74% positive reviews on Steam.

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