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Research: Game Developers on Working from Home, Compensation, and Career Plans

80 Level Research team contacted over 800 game developers and digital artists to learn about trends and changes they experienced over the past year and a half.

80 Level Research team has conducted a survey to learn more about the current landscape of the game industry and find out what game developers and 3D artists want. By contacting more than 800 specialists in the game development industry, the team wanted to discover the preferable work style of the respondents, their career plans, their thoughts on different compensation models, and more.

Now, the results of the survey are in, and they revealed how the pandemic and shifting work/life balance perceptions shaped how game-industry creatives work, grow, and succeed. The results show that employers, executives, and management must find new tactics to hire new people and retain their existing teams. The survey's results are free to download and can be accessed here.

Here are some bits from the survey:

80 Level surveyed over 800 respondents from all over the world, including Europe, Asia, and the United States.

The majority of respondents are full-time employees working for game development companies with headcounts averaging between 30 and 300+ people.

According to the survey, the vast majority of game developers prefer hybrid/work from home schedule, with only 11% of respondents giving their preference to the pre-pandemic format.

40% of respondents stated that during the pandemic they experienced no change in the amount of work given to them, while 26% said that their workload actually increased.

Feel free to download the full report here.

Our Editor-in-Chief Kirill Tokarev has also shared some thoughts on the topic at GDC 2022. In his talk, Kirill discussed how new tools and more accessible powerful hardware allowed developers to do all the work required without leaving their homes, talked about the royalty-share revenue model, and explained how to give employees more freedom and accountability. You can check out the full GDC talk down below:

The pandemic brought another huge shift in the way people work. With great new tools and more accessible powerful hardware, one can stay at home and do all the work required without leaving the comfort of one’s bedroom. With this come new challenges for video game companies and game developers. New situation for managers calls for new tools and solutions. We see the biggest challenge in letting companies give employees more freedom and accountability while linking their salary and compensation bonuses directly to project performance. The introduction of royalty-share might be another way to do it.

Kirill Tokarev, Head of 80.lv

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