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More Than Half of Game Developers Are Not Ready to Outsource Game Design

Outsourcing only non-core production stages seems like a perfect solution – but does it match the reality?

Averyan Anchugin

Jul 15, 2024

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Get a Free Huge PDF Report on the Outsourcing Market in 2024

Is outsourcing a risky move or a winning strategy for game developers today?

80 Level Research

Jul 01, 2024

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Vietnam Sees 20% Drop in Hyper-Casual Games, Paving the Way For Hybrid, Content-Rich Gaming

The gaming market in Vietnam is expected to witness an annual growth rate CAGR of 8.68%, in 2024-2027, resulting in a projected market volume of 586 million USD by 2027.

80 Level Research

Jun 19, 2024

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The Philippines As a Hub For Indie Developers and Affordable Outsourcers

The Philippines' gaming market has been rapidly expanding, driven by a young, digitally connected population. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.34% in 2023-2028, resulting in a projected market volume of 2.77 billion USD by 2028.

80 Level Research

Jun 13, 2024

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A Mere 30% of Thai Gaming Studios Are Outsourcers. What Are The Reasons?

Thailand's growing gaming market, spurred by widespread smartphone use and mobile gaming, anticipates a 7.85% annual growth rate from 2023-2028, aiming for a market volume of $1.46 billion by 2028.

80 Level Research

Jun 06, 2024

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Why Rich Indonesians Who Can Afford to Buy Premium Titles Still Choose Free-to-Play Games?

Indonesia is the largest SEA country by area and population. Although its game revenue trails Malaysia and Singapore, Statista predicts a 45% industry growth by 2028.

80 Level Research

May 28, 2024

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Global Wireless Infrastructure Revenue Increased by 20%

In the Spring Edition of the Quarterly Report, Xsolla explores the evolving dynamics and innovations of telcos paired with gaming businesses. 

80 Level Research

May 23, 2024

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The Number of Smartphone Users Quadrupled From 2014 to 2023

In this pivotal Spring 2024 edition of "The Xsolla Report: The State of Play," Xsolla delves into the evolving dynamics and innovations shaping our industry, emphasizing the burgeoning realm of mobile gaming. 

80 Level Research

May 21, 2024

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What's The Secret of Malaysian Gamedev Vibrancy?

Malaysia is a rapidly developing SEA country where the gaming market is expected to show a CAGR of 7.9% in 2023-2028 so that the game revenue will increase from 588 million USD to 860 million USD in this period.

80 Level Research

May 07, 2024

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