Looking into Game Development: The Story Behind Project Oxygen

Far From Home studio team talked about their new IP Project Oxygen, the current state of Polish video game market, and the main hurdles new studios usually face when working on a new project.


Far From Home Team

Published on

Aug 18, 2020

Insight into Game Programming in the Industry from Firas Hosn

Firas Hosn, AI Game Programmer and Mentor at CG Spectrum, shares his experience of working on games in large teams and self-aware AI development as well as gives his tips to those who want to join Ubisoft's technical team.


Firas Hosn

Published on

Aug 04, 2020

Sharks and Blood: How Tripwire Interactive Developed Maneater

Bill Munk, Game Director at Tripwire Interactive, shared the story behind Maneater: open-world and underwater lighting, shark design, blood VFX above and in water, fish behavior controlled by the LODs system, and more.


Bill Munk

Published on

Jul 31, 2020

A Look Into Game UI: From 1960s to the Present

We're taking you on a journey through game interfaces of the past and present: from Spacewar! and Pong to Shadows of Tomb Raider and Detroit: Become Human, see how games' UI evolves and changes and what the future might hold for us.


Anna Shcherbinina

Published on

Jul 28, 2020

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