My Beautiful Paper Smile: The Story of a Solo Indie Game Developer

Gavin Eisenbeisz discussed how he's been developing and working on the release of his first big title My Beautiful Paper Smile, a psychological horror game set in a dystopian world where children are raised to be perfect.


Gavin Eisenbeisz

Published on

Jan 22, 2021

Interview with Yellow Brick Games: A Small Studio with a Strong Core

Jeff Skalski, COO and Executive Producer at Yellow Brick Games, talked about the experience of opening a new studio in a pandemic and building a small but powerful team.


Jeff Skalski

Published on

Dec 23, 2020

Captains of the Winds: Combining a Flight Simulator with RPG Elements

Mikhail Dadaev, a co-owner of FSTR.Tech, talked about the first steps of his team in game development and the indie project Captains of the Winds they are making in UE4.


Mikhail Dadaev

Published on

Dec 16, 2020

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