Creating The Unliving, A Necromancy-Themed Rogue-Lite Pixel RPG

RocketBrush Studio Team talks about what inspired The Unliving, discusses what makes it different from the other games revolving around necromancy, and explains why creating pixel games is not as easy as it might seem and can even be more challenging than designing 2D or 3D games.


RocketBrush Studio

Published on

Jul 14, 2021

Season: Creating a Beautiful Existential Adventure Game

Members of the Scavengers Studio Team talked about the idea behind their road trip adventure game where you have to explore and document the world around you moments before it disappears forever and shed some light on the development process.


Scavengers Studio Team

Published on

Jul 13, 2021

Eville: Designing Environments for an Indie Game

Members of the VestGames team Louis Peters and Hendrik Hollenborg told us about their upcoming game Eville and touched upon creating environments for their game.


Vest Games Team

Published on

Jul 09, 2021

The Production Process Behind "There Is No Game"

The President of Draw Me A Pixel Pascal Cammisotto discussed the studio's non-game "There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension", talked about sources of inspiration, and explained how the team managed to get their non-game noticed.


Pascal Cammisotto

Published on

Jun 30, 2021

Developing an Ironic Point-and-Click Adventure Game for Beer Lovers

Arik Zurabian and Edo Brenes talk about creating Dude, Where is My Beer? – a game where you have to try to find a good old bottle of Pilsner in the ocean of craft beer and rivers of IPA. 


Dude, Where is My Beer? Team

Published on

Jun 11, 2021

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