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Scene Detalization Using Surface Imperfections

Below you may check out the digest with the selected packages that include roughness maps and surface imperfections.

1. Ultimate Pack - 150 Tileable Roughness Maps - Surface Imperfection

The pack is developed by Travis Davids, a Freelance Digital Artist that has been working in the Entertainment and Graphic Design Industry since 2009. 

The asset includes:

  • 100 Tileable Roughness Maps + 30 Bonus Maps + An Additional 20 Bonus Maps Only Available In The Ultimate Pack
  • 4K Resolution - 8 Bit PNG - Photo Captured And Procedurally Generated Surface Imperfection Maps

Inside the package, there are 12 categories of imperfections: Combined (Dust, Dirt, Scratches, Smudges, Stains, Fingerprints), Scratches Version 1, Streaks, Smudges, Dust, Stains, Fingerprints, Dirty Damaged & Stained, Experimental (Artistic Surface Imperfection), Fine Dust, Fingerprints & Handprints, Scratches Version 2. 

'I’ve designed 150 roughness maps for creating a surface imperfection that you can start using in your scenes to save you some time and get that surface imperfection that can help push your 3D models closer towards realism. The roughness maps can also be used in Substance Painter where you can paint roughness directly onto your 3D model. This allows you to mix and match roughness maps together to get varied and interesting results. ', says Travis

2. 70 | Grunge & Surface Imperfections Vol2

The asset is prepared by FastTrack Tutorials, a company dedicated to providing high-quality art tutorials and packages with the main focus being 3D art. The goal of the team is to get you fast on track to learn 3D modeling, texturing, sculpting, rendering, and more in easy and well-explained tutorial courses. 

These grunge alphas are perfect to add more detail to your models and textures. All grunge maps come in 4k Resolution, each grunge has 4 variations and comes in JPG and SBSAR format. The SBSAR has the following controls: 4 Variation Seeds, Brightness & Contrast Control, Invert, Dual Overlay Controls.

This pack contains the following:

  • 70 JPG Grunge Maps
  • 70 SBSAR Grunge Maps
  • Special Folder with each grunge maps variation seed in JPG format (Total of 278 variations).

3. 250 Roughness Perfection: Errosiona | Dusty | Damaged Surface

The package is developed by Mels Mneyan, a Visual developer in the Game and Movie industry, currently working on a Game Project as a Concept Artist and Illustrator. Mels is responsible for the entire visual of mini-games starting from GUI to Characters, Props, and Environment.

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