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Sounds of Armor for Jibaro Were Recorded Using Kitchen Utensils

Alberto Mielgo revealed that the majority of sounds representing moving armor and jewelry were recorded using knives, forks, and other kitchen utensils.

Alberto Mielgo, the writer and director of Love, Death + Robots episode Jibaro, recently took to Instagram to reveal some details behind the sound production of the episode.

The director shared, that it is crucial for him to define the sound very early, at the stage of storyboarding and animation, and it was especially important in the case of Jibaro as the protagonist of the short film is deaf and acquires the ability to hear over the course of the story.

Mielgo also revealed that to create sounds of the armor as the knights were moving, he just used very simple things like forks, spoons, and other kitchen utensils.

"The vast majority are sounds that I recorded in the forest or even in my house with kitchen utensils for the armors and jewelry (this is true, all the armor sounds are knives, pans, forks and everything that I was able to find in my kitchen)," he wrote.

Additionally, the director posted the final Adobe Premiere file for JIBARO and shared some details about the representation of colors for tracks in the software. Mielgo said that the blue tracks represent voices, screams, and efforts, green – nature and ambient sounds, yellow reflect bass and low frequencies, and pink – music.

All sounds were recorded on the director's iPhone. Mielgo shared that over the years, he tried different microphones and eventually settled on an Apple smartphone due to the quality of the sound and the convenience when traveling.

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