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Story3 Hackathon Awaits Its Heroes

Looking for devs with AI skills to generate stories for the platform and win prizes.

Are you a developer with advanced knowledge of AI? Then partake in the Story3 Hackathon, write captivating stories, and get a chance to win $8,000.

Story3 is a storytelling platform. Each user can create an endless story by writing a main starting point to kick off a narrative adventure. Authors can then create “Twists” — choices that direct the remaining story. Each choice acts as a branch in the narrative that can have subsequent branches of their own. 

Other users can also add twists to the story, further expanding the narrative. Some choices are free to read, while others cost virtual currency to unlock. Authors who wrote the first chapter of the story receive real money from every purchase of the first-level twist.
During the hackathon, you will use your technical and coding skills, as well as your creativity, to create models that generate stories using generative AI and LLMs. A minimum of 25 AI-generated stories is required to participate. This isn’t any regular competition. Instead, it’s a unique adventure for each participant, where each choice of how their story goes can lead them to victory. 

What this is about

The stage is set — a futuristic cityscape where you begin to shape your own journey while equipped with your creativity and technical prowess. You begin to change the narrative by choosing what to do next, and a narrative tree begins to branch out presenting you with various challenges.

First of all, you need to decide if you want to be a solo adventurer, or will you gather your party first. There are three options available to the participants:

The first option is Solo Exploration. It’s just like it sounds: you experience your own adventure, where you can rely only on yourself. It's a personal odyssey to the unknown, where every triumph is yours and yours alone.

The next option is Team Collaboration. You can decide to join a group of creative minds similar to yours. Here, teamwork reigns supreme, and every victory is shared among your colleagues. This way, each individual may concentrate on a specific field, and being able to mediate is crucial.
Finally, you can form an Eclectic Alliance. Join a diverse group of individuals, each having their own adventure with unique problems.

Your story — your success

The story evolves as you play. The first few choices may be simple, but the more you delve into it, the more cross-roads you’ll face. After the initial phases comes the climax of your adventure, where there’s no more room for mistakes. Your story (or stories) needs to be the most captivating for the audience to win.

Your canvas is blank, and possibilities are limitless. You can craft stories in every genre possible — fiction, non-fiction, blogs, education, and more. Short and sweet, or long and immersive, linear or non-linear. One plotline or a plethora. The choice of how to win the hackathon is yours; develop your own winning strategy and experiment.

There’s only one condition — you need to craft a compelling story that will have the audience engaged. That’s why it is important to look at your work from the readers’ point of view and think hard about what will captivate them. The view count is paramount to your success, so try and up your distribution game.

Write, earn, win

Compete and find your way to success, and pad your pockets in the process. As you shape your story, you have the chance to monetize it, making storytelling a viable way to turn your creativity into some currency.
Moreover, the creators of winning prototypes will receive exceptional awards. Seize the opportunity to showcase your skills and creativity and get a chance to win:

  • 1st Place — $8,000;
  • 2nd Place — $5,000;
  • 3rd Place — $2,000.

Join the Story3 Hackathon — where innovation meets narrative and every choice you make propels you closer to the final goal. This event is your chance to be a part of a groundbreaking journey into the future of storytelling and showcase your creation to a broad audience. Gain recognition and publicity, shape the future of storytelling, and take a grand prize home with you!

The Story3 Team 

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