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Team Fortress 2 Star Hints at Upcoming Project with Valve

"You have to promise to stay calm."

Voice actor John Lowrie, known for his roles as Sniper in Team Fortress 2, Odessa Cubbage in Half-Life 2, and multiple characters in Dota 2, has revealed that he is once again collaborating with Valve.

"Ok, you have to promise to stay calm," Lowrie wrote in a tweet. "Thought this pic would be more neutral. Back out at Valve today and, like all voice actors, can’t say anything specific. You’re the greatest fans in the world, thanks for hanging with me."

Prior to this post, Laurie also shared two photographs taken at the Valve office. However, he made it clear that these pictures contained no hidden clues or hints. He clarified that they were simply snapshots he captured upon his arrival at the office.

The nature of Lowrie's current project at Valve remains uncertain, as the actor has refrained from sharing specific details. Additionally, it's hard to even suggest what the actor might be working on as Valve has a tendency to engage familiar voice actors for various projects.

Amidst public speculation regarding the nature of Lowrie's current project, the actor himself has repeatedly mentioned in response to his subscribers that he regularly collaborates with Valve. However, social media users have pointed out that Laurie had not previously shared office pictures, especially not two days in a row, which has generated increased curiosity and speculation.

What do you think the potential project that Valve and John Lowrie could be collaborating on is?

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