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Turning Video into 3D

Infinite-Realities showed a cool technique for digitizing people. 

The Matrix is around the corner, and Infinite-Realities is here to prove it. The team digitized one of their colleagues and turned a video into an impressive 3D sequence.

Image credit: Infinite-Realities

Infinite-Realities used 64 cameras to capture the scene under global illumination, and its rendering took 20 to 40 minutes per frame. The result is a high-quality video that you can look at from any angle.

Image credit: Infinite-Realities

"Our goal was to improve the quality of our AeonX & 4DGS pipeline, with automated background removal to retain fine hair details as well as to improve overall surface consistency on a full torso capture. We're currently using a post process to temporally filter the 2D frames."

In the future, the team wants to solve 4DGS temporal stability, so we will see more fascinating experiments soon.

Image credit: Bad Decisions Studio

Turning real-life footage into 3D is getting more popular, you can see it in many cool projects. For example, Bad Decisions Studio rendered some sequences from famous movies, including The Shining, Harry Potter, The Dark Knight, Prince of Persia, and The Matrix, using Gaussian Splatting and managed to turn them into 3D scenes that they could turn around and explore.

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