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Tutorial: Paint Flow Maps With UE5's Scriptable Tools

Ghislain Girardot is embarking on yet another technical art journey with a new YouTube video on adding features to Unreal Engine with Scriptable Tools.

3D Artist and tutorial creator Ghislain Girardot has shared a new video focusing on the implementation of Unreal Engine's Scriptable Tools system. As usual, this is not exactly a step-by-step tutorial, but rather a narrated devlog explaining Scriptable Tools and flow maps and breaking down flow map custom paint mode done entirely with Blueprints.

Starting with a quick overview of flow maps, Ghislain Girardot covers the basics of Scriptable Tools and moves to the demonstration of his custom Flow Tools, offering a comprehensive technical analysis. If you're interested in this topic or you want to support the artist, the project files can be accessed on Patreon.

In the past, Ghislain Girardot shared great explorations of strand-based foliage simulation done using Unreal Engine 5's Blueprints and Niagara and a technique to create Niagara-driven 2D wind:

Ghislain Girardot's YouTube channel is full of various brilliant content, for instance, some of his recent tutorials cover the creation of an Unreal Engine radar system and more Niagara content for water-dripping effects. Scriptable Tools included:

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