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Ultimate Fire Pack Vol 1. for Unreal Engine Released

ActionVFX and Undertone FX, Inc. presented a pack of fire textures.

The Ultimate Fire Pack Vol 1. by ActionVFX and Undertone FX, Inc. is a texture pack containing 4K fire textures including particle systems, materials, and blueprints setup. The textures have been authored with optical Flow-based motion vector textures to work in slow motion and time dilation supported games. The primary textures come in 4 sizes – tiny, small, medium, large – and 4 variants from which the UE's Niagara VFX System randomly chooses one. You can also choose manually or specify the texture spread to avoid repeating patterns.

The creators promise a high level of customization to change every fire, from the wind, to smoke, embers, and spawn rates. "You can vary the presence of the light, distortion, ambient embers, bursting embers, and wind. You can set the density, speed, brightness, scale, turbulence, and many more parameters to customize each placed fire instance."

The Ultimate Fire Pack features 4K textures for 4 fire sizes, each with 4 variants; Optical Flow textures; a channel-packed set of textures to use with a blackbody shader to minimize memory footprint; a set of "Hero Fire" textures including an explosive fire gush, dark lit smoke fading to a wispy smoke; 3 different ember/spark textures; extensive blueprint hooks to make each placed fire instance unique; plug and play ready for virtual production and on the fly modulation of the effects without having to dig into the system connections.

The pack has 2 types of emitters: Niagara and Cascade versions including CPU and GPU emitters. It also includes 10 unique effects, 89 materials, 67 textures, 6 blueprints, and 1 unique mesh. It supports LODs and can be used on Windows and Mac. The creators also provide support for the pack users.

Here are some examples of the texture pack used in different projects:

ActionVFX with its Chief Operating Officer Luke Thompson has provided visual effect assets for Stranger Things, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Call of Duty, and many other popular projects. Undertone FX, led by its Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director David Johnson, specializes in real-time visual effects for video games and VR/AR and has worked with Hidden Path Entertainment, Amazon Game Studios, Activision Blizzard, Sledgehammer Games, and other major companies.

You can get the pack here for $107.99 on sale. Also, don't forget to join our new Reddit pageour new Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we are sharing breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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