Victoria Alonso Was Reportedly Fired from Marvel Studios

Sources do not provide a specific reason for Victoria Alonso's removal but believe that the decision was made by Disney Entertainment Co-Chairman Alan Bergman.

After a successful career at the helm of Marvel, Victoria Alonso reportedly got fired from the company.

Fans and industry professionals were surprised when news of Victoria Alonso's departure from Marvel Studios was revealed earlier this week. Alonso had been with the company for over 15 years and had worked her way up to become the President of Physical, Post Production, VFX, and Animation.

However, it seems that her sudden exit may not have been voluntary. As reported by Variety, Alonso was actually fired from her position at the studio.

According to Variety's sources, a specific reason for Victoria Alonso's removal is unclear, but they assert that Disney Entertainment Co-Chairman Alan Bergman, the primary intermediary between Marvel and its parent company, was the one who made the decision.

Insiders also say that Marvel chief Kevin Feige was not involved in the process. However, it is believed that Feige felt "mired in an impossible situation" and decided not to intervene on Alonso's behalf. Alonso was, apparently, "blindsided" when she first learned of her dismissal, as sources claim.

Victoria Alonso was responsible for overseeing the post-production process for all MCU projects, ensuring that they met Marvel's high standards before release. According to Variety, Alonso's termination could be traced back to the summer of 2022 when Marvel faced criticism for the quality of its content which was a significant departure from the company's reputation for producing high-quality content. It is believed that these concerns may have played a role in Alonso's firing.

The quality of Marvel's new content seems to be influenced by the hectic distribution schedule caused by the pandemic and the need to keep the recently-launched Disney+ regularly updated.

The report from Variety highlights negative feedback from Marvel's VFX artists on forums like Reddit, as well as major publications such as CNET, IGN, and Vulture. The criticism was focused on the studio's troublesome post-production schedules, which were reportedly hindered by lengthy workdays, persistent understaffing, and ever-changing deadlines.

According to a few technicians, Alonso is also responsible for the issues raised by the VFX artists. A separate Vulture report revealed that some artists referred to Alonso as a "kingmaker" who would hold a grudge against anyone who upset her in any way. However, others have questioned these allegations, claiming they feel "a bit off." Additionally, other sources have spoken highly of Alonso, with one describing her as "the epitome of professional."

Alonso's exit from Marvel Studios may have also been influenced by the lukewarm reception to Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania in the previous month. The studio has not yet revealed who will replace Alonso. However, according to Variety, it may require more than one person to take on the responsibilities previously held by Alonso.

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