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Windows 11 Will Enable Encryption by Default During Installation

BitLocker, Microsoft's encryption software, can reduce SSD performance by up to 45%.

Microsoft's upcoming Windows 11 version 24H2, also known as the 2024 update, could automatically activate BitLocker encryption during the installation process across multiple Windows versions, including the Home edition. 

BitLocker is Microsoft's proprietary encryption software, specifically designed for SSDs. While the software has proven to be beneficial, it has also faced numerous challenges since its introduction. The upcoming inclusion of BitLocker as a default feature in Windows 11 version 24H2 may pose concerns for users.

Image Credit: Microsoft

Reportedly, BitLocker has been shown to impact system performance, particularly causing SSD performance to drop by up to 45%, depending on the workload.

The use of the software-based version of BitLocker could lead to a drop in system performance as it assigns all encryption and decryption tasks to the CPU. Additionally, should any storage-related problems occur on a device with an active BitLocker, users could potentially lose access to their stored data.

For those looking to disable BitLocker on Windows Home, a helpful guide has been shared by Twitter user Pirat Nation

How to disable BitLocker for Windows Home:

1 Type and search [Device encryption settings] in the Windows search bar①, then click [Open]

2 On the Device encryption field, set the option to [Off]③.

3 Confirm whether you need to turn off device encryption, select [Turn off] to disable the device encryption function④.

And you might find this article titled "[Windows 11] How to disable Device encryption & Standard BitLocker encryption" from asus.com helpful.

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