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Working at Valve: Organization without Managers

Do you have what it takes to work for such a company?

I'm sure you have daydreamed about working for a big company like Valve before, but what is it going to take and how is labor organized there? The YouTube channel People Make Games has a video that will tell you about the structure of the studio and what to expect from it.

In 47 minutes, you'll see Valve's Employee Handbook and hear what its current and former employees think about it. The most surprising thing about this company is that it has no managers tracking your every move so workers can make their own decisions. 

Of course, this seemingly structureless kind of work requires certain types of employees to operate well, so the chance of getting hired by Valve is pretty slim. If you do get a job there, you'll find out that while there aren't managers, there are team leads who help coordinate big projects.

Image credit: Valve | DOTA 2

Overall, Valve brings an interesting concept into play, allowing its employees more freedom, at least nominally. However, there are several issues inside the company, according to People Make Games' sources, including a lack of diversity and different views on important matters.

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