3D Metasites by 80.lv Community: Hobbit Hole

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This week we would like to highlight the work of talented Environment Artist, Jorge Ocaña Méndez. Immerse yourself into an Unreal Engine 5 real time environment inspired by the Hobbit Houses from the Lord of the Ring movies.

The Hobbit Hole

Created by Jorge Ocaña Méndez.

Hobbit Hole environment showcases an extensive use of newly introduced technologies in Unreal Engine 5, such as Nanite, which helped achieve an incredible level of detail easily, and streamlined the asset creation workflows from its sculpting stage to their final preparation in the engine. The artist revealed the process behind creating this incredible experience: “The assets created for this environment were sculpted in Zbrush. Then optimized its polycount using the Decimation Master Tool and it was ready to be textured in Substance Designer. Next step was simply importing the decimated meshes in the engine and setting up the materials using the textures previously created. The whole process was a lot faster than the standard high-poly to low poly workflow.”

"I personally sculpted, modeled, and textured numerous assets within the scene, while also incorporating various assets from the Megascans Library. Megascans assets and textures are also used extensively to quickly set dress the environment, and Megascans Trees deserve a special mention here as they are probably the best game-ready tree assets you will find in terms of visual fidelity. My intention in crafting this environment was to enhance my skills in sculpting, texturing, and compositing, as well as to acquire proficiency in new workflows. The Hobbit Hole is a real-time environment meticulously crafted using Unreal Engine 5, inspired by the iconic hobbit houses featured in the Lord of the Rings movies.", stated the artist.

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  • Anonymous user

    Jorge, I want to express my deep pride in having been one of my mentors. Your works are truly extraordinary, brimming with creativity and meticulously crafted. Inspiring, they set a standard to follow.

    The lessons I've learned from you, along with the technical knowledge gained, have become an invaluable source for my professional development. The pleasure I experience in applying these learnings to my own projects is indescribable. It is clearly reflected when my clients express satisfaction with the quality I am able to deliver, thanks to the positive influence of your teaching.

    I greatly appreciate your contribution to my professional growth. Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration.

    Saludos desde Austria,

    Georgios Burnham H.


    Anonymous user

    ·5 months ago·

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